Monday, January 9, 2012

She's Back!

Hooray! A day before I was planning on e-mailing my editor to see WTF'sU, she e-mails me! Turns out she's had the flu and so been totally out of commission. But she's back now and ready to roll. So she's going to finish fixing up the new version of the Dark InSpectre site, and I just sent her the next four episodes to edit. So yay! I'll still have to re-load all 58 of the old episodes, so boo! But at least things are moving ahead. I also wrote the next monthly blog column for the Abandoned Towers site, so that's out of the way, too. Looks like things are back on track, which is good. I can't tell you the various grim scenarios that were going through my mind on what had happened. The most likely one was the tried and true kidnapped by mutants scenario. Thank god they are all just figments of my tortured paranoia. Hopefully we'll all be seeing Jack Garrett back on the web in a couple weeks. :)

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