Monday, February 27, 2012

Jack's Back

After months of toiling and strain, and doing web things that I don't really understand, I have at last posted two, count 'em, two new episodes of The Dark InSpectre. The site is now totally different, it's on a wordpress platform instead of blogger, and it's pretty bare, so excuse its modesty. I'm still planning on adding a few do-dads here and there, but it's finished enough to start posting again, so yay!

I will henceforth resume my previous posting schedule of every other Monday. I hope you'll tune back in, I promise I've got some wicked things in store for Jack!

So without further ado:

Here's Episode 42, in which our hero returns to his old stomping grounds, only to find things are very different, and not in a good way.

And here's Episode 43, in which our hero continues his various covert investigations.

Hope you enjoy!

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