Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Subbing, Subbing, Subbing

I sent off my crime novel to a literary agency. It's one of the smaller, boutique agencies, not one of the big boys. Does that give me a better shot? Who knows. Seems like a good place, though, we'll see. They wanted a query letter, synopsis and first three chapters. If they like it, they'll ask for the whole thing. Could be a week, could be three months.

I've also been posting the short story I finished over at the Baen's Universe slush board. I've been getting good feedback, and some not so good feedback. That's the thing with the BU board, you've got to A) have a thick skin and B) be able to separate the constructive feedback from the "non-constructive" feedback. In other words, the stuff that you look at and say, "yeah, I'm going to pass on that," or "sorry, I just disagree." This doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen. By and large my story has gotten better. I'm going to wait another week and see what other comments I get, then decide whether to post a revised version one last time, or start subbing it around. Either way I'm happy with how it's going.

Then there's the Dark InSpectre. Frustration does not begin to describe my current emotional state. My in absentia editor informed me that once again, she cannot find the new episodes I re-sent her for editing. Also, she had some kind of computer meltdown and has to re-do or completely re-create the banner graphic to post on the site. And she's sick again. I re-re-sent her the episodes to edit. Making a new graphic would be cool, provided she actually does it, but ultimately I don't care. It's the episodes that are important, if she can just edit some of these, I'll start posting again. We'll see if this actually happens. I'm deliberately not thinking about how long it's been since the series went away. Oops! There I go thinking about it again...

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