Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step...

Stuff is happening on multiple fronts, unfortunately, not all of it's good. First of all, The Dark InSpectre is getting closer and closer to coming back on line. I've finally made contact with my in absentia editor who says she never received the next several episodes. So I re-forwarded them to her and also made progress with the new web site, which I'll continue to fool around with. Bottom line, if she can start getting episodes back to me, I'll start posting again, Finally!

On the novel side, not so good. Because my editor (same person as Dark InSpectre) is so swamped with book projects, she said there's virtually no hope of her getting to my revised manuscript this year (yes, I said this year). She actually suggested I start sending it around to agents, that she would love to put it out through her publishing house, but wants to be fair to me. And she'll absolutely hold on to it and publish it if I can't find a home for it myself (although that wouldn't be for quite a while).

No question it's really nice of her and very supportive. But it still sucks. I wrote this thing at her behest, and she knows my voice and helped develop it in many ways, and now I have to go sell it to people who never heard of me , which includes everyone. An extra problem is that while I'm familiar with the agents in the SciFi world, I don't know who specializes in crime/thriller literature. So that's more research for me to do.

It's just a huge letdown after thinking this would definitely be out there in the near future. It was something I thought I could count on, especially after busting my ass to get it done. Oh well, guess I have to flog it like everybody else and deal with all the agent rejections for a while. Coming up with a title for the thing wouldn't hurt my chances either.

At least my wife liked the short story I just wrote. Let me tell you, she can be quite the critic. So next step is I'll post it over at the Baen slush board and let the wolves have at it.

Like I said, all of a sudden there's a lot going on, just not all of it's going my way. But hey, just part of being a writer, I guess. Amiright? Amiright...?

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