Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hacked and Jacked

Something disturbing happened a couple days ago. Somebody was able to log in to my Dark InSpectre wordpress site and set themselves up as an administrator. They then started posting multiple posts in a foreign language. Because I have it set up as a networked blog, these posts started appearing on my Facebook page and twitter account as if I had posted them. I cannot tell you how mortified I was when I started seeing them just appear under my name. I quickly went into the user area of my site and deleted the guy's profile and all the posts. I also saw somebody else I had no idea about set up as an admin, so I deleted them, too. Working with my editor, we instituted new security and changed passwords.

A friend of mine who's much more of a tech person than me later informed me that the posts were in Polish and had to do with cheap mortgages, with a link that probably downloaded malware. I cannot believe that this is what some people spend all their time doing. I mean, shouldn't this person who has obvious computer skills be out making money at a real job? Maybe this is their real job (depressing thought). Regardless, I found this whole episode pretty awful and anxiety-provoking and am glad to have restored my site and everything else back to normal. My tech friend Dan assures me that this was a routine occurrence, on the order of those spam emails from the deposed King of Nigeria promising millions of dollars (I thought I was the only one who got those!). I guess he's right, but those I can just delete, this seemed more insidious. Oh well, I guess that's life in the blogosphere.

Seriously, though, if I ever find that guy, I will give him a major frowning!

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