Friday, April 6, 2012

The Sargasso Lull

I've got a bunch of stuff floating out there in the ether of various submission piles. At present, I have three short stories and a novel that I'm waiting to hear back on. I sent them all out in February, so it's been about two months. I got an automatic response with the novel query, so I know they received the query letter and first few chapters. But the short stories, none of them generated any automatic responses, which makes me nervous. Probably for no reason, but nervous nonetheless. Plus it's now at that two months and counting period where I naturally get itchy about not hearing back and wondering if I will hear back and what if I don't hear back and why aren't I hearing back?

Keeping writing helps, and the Dark InSpectre series is going well, but there have been some further hiccups there, too. My editor informed me that she lost her regular job, which totally sucks and I feel awful for her. I've been in that situation and know how soul-crushing it can be being out of work and having to look around for employment. What that means for the series is that she finally admitted something I've kind of known for a long time: she can't pay me.

Way back when the series started, she told me I should send her invoices each month to get paid $10 per episode. This lasted for maybe 7 or 8 episodes. I've written over 60, so there's obviously been a bit of a lag. To me, this isn't that big of a deal, I never wrote these for the money. There's a story in my head and I've got to get it out. So I'm actually relieved I can officially stop sending invoices and not feel weird about it anymore. I just hope she finds work and can make ends meet. I'm also glad she's still willing to edit my series despite her financial troubles.

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