Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sex and Swashbucklers

Couple of interesting developments lately. Before I started the latest story arc for the Dark InSpectre, I knew that a plot development I had in mind would come into direct conflict with my editor's writer's guidelines. She doesn't allow cursing or sex. I've pretty much abided by the cursing thing, though I find it fairly ridiculous that in this noir universe my main character, a hardboiled, cynical detective, doesn't curse. But he was definitely going to engage in the old hokey pokey. It was going to be a natural, important part of the plot, and if you've been following along, you can see I've been steadily leading up to it. I warned her about this when I started and didn't get much of a response. Well, I just wrote the sex scene--nothing hardcore, mind you--but there's no doubt what's going on. I sent it to my editor, and she.... did not touch it. In fact, she didn't even mention it. So whatever, the sex is in! Look for it in an upcoming episode!

In other news, I was graciously asked to contribute to the second Pirates and Swashbucklers anthology. All of the contributors to the first one were solicited. I came up with a story idea, sent it in, and the editor gave me the green light. So now I have to write it. I've never been asked to contribute to anything before, so that's cool, and I've only rarely had to write something on a deadline like this (end of July), so that should be... interesting. Better get started, I'm already filling my head with characters that go Aaaaarrrr!

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