Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog hopping

I may have mentioned this before, but next week I'm "guest blogging" at the blog of one of my fellow Damnation Books authors, and she's doing the same in this space. She'll be here on Wednesday, Oct. 14, and I'll be there on Friday, Oct. 16.

Here name is Lily Kleiman, and she's a former graphic designer turned author who has written a couple of books. This whole guest blogger thing has been a fascinating exercise. When Lily first offered her site to the other Damnation Books authors, I automatically said yes because it sounded fun and interesting. But I had absolutely no idea how to proceed. Would we be writing each other continuously and posting for each other throughout the day?

Now I see that a good way to go about this is to do a sort of interview format, where the "guest" answers a bunch of questions in advance, and then it's all posted along with relevant links, plugs, etc.

At least that's how we're doing it. If anybody has any other suggestions, feel free to comment. So stay tuned for next week.

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