Friday, October 2, 2009

The reviews are in!

Well, just one anyway. But it's good! The reviewer had very nice things to say about my short story The Killer Within. So that's way cool. This is only the second review for a short story I've ever had, the first one being for Devil May Care way back in October of 2006. Here's the full text of the new one, along with a link:

The Killer Within, by Jason Kahn, was sent to me by the author as a review copy.
4 1/2 Stars
Overview: 4 3/4 Stars
The plot was enjoyable and original. The story is of good short story length and has two good twists. The character development was well done, causing the reader to be shocked and empathize with the main character in turn.
At one point, the narrator, which was the policeman, referred to something his partner was feeling as a fact instead of adding a caveat, such as “she appeared to be.” It gave the view an omniscient feel for a moment and made me wonder if viewpoints had changed suddenly.
The writing was excellent with tight, concise sentences and minimal descriptions. The story had the feel of being the first few chapters of a novel, yet worked well as a short story. If there were a full novel, I would certainly be interested in purchasing it.
Editing: 4 Stars
There were a few editing errors, mostly just misplaced or missing commas.
Rating: PG-13 for Violence
Here are some comments from the author, Jason Kahn:
Jason Kahn lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn , with all the other young families who fled Manhattan for more space. By day, he works as a medical editor for a New York-based cardiology research foundation. Jason’s hobbies include rooting for his University of Michigan Wolverines and chasing after two mischievous gnomes who claim to be his children. Jason’s most recent fiction, The Dark InSpectre series, is currently running at blogspot.

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