Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guest tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that author Lily Kleiman will be here tomorrow answering questions about her art and writing projects. I hope to have her interview up by around noon Eastern Time. Hmmm, never had a guest here before, maybe I should spruce up the place a bit. Oh, geez, that plant is dead for god's sake! And will somebody get rid of that cat?! Anyway, it'll be great, I swear!

In other writing news, I have started revising my latest short story, which is a hard sci-fi piece. I was a little worried about how to make it shorter, but I think I figured that out. And there's also an info-dump I have to take care of. Yes, I know, I can't believe I had one either. I might as well have written the actual words: As you know, Bob....

Unfortunately, it looks like the editor of Wolfsongs II is working on her next book instead of the anthology for which my story has been gathering dust. So it's back to patient waiting mode on that one. Same for the story I submitted to Something Wicked many, many moons ago. And the one I submitted to Flashing Swords. Boy, it's no lie, it really does help the waiting blues to just keep on writing the next piece.


  1. Many thanks, Jason. I look forward to posting the interview of you on Friday :)

    Creatively yours,

  2. Yay! No problem. Thanks for the great answers and for helping me enable comments!