Thursday, October 8, 2009

A cult following!

I was just breezing by my Dark InSpectre story on the blog where it's published (I like to do that every now and then), when much to my astonishment, I saw somebody had left a comment at the end of Episode 4. I couldn't believe it. It was left by a woman who said she found my story after Charles sent out that spot advertising it from his "Horror Happenings" email list. So, A) the ad worked, and B) I got a very nice comment, my first one!

And get this, someone even signed up as a "follower" of the story. I think that means they get automatically notified when a new episode goes up. Unbelievable! I sort of assumed this was all going up in a vacuum. I really had no idea if anyone was actually reading it. I know there are those rolling statistics on the side of the page, but I don't really know how to interpret those, and I generally don't trust them anyway. But now I know there are at least two people out there who I'm not related to who actually read it. Amazing!

In other news, I sent off my short story The Devil You Know to an anthology that's collecting submissions right now. We'll see what happens. No word on the Wolfsongs II anthology, I'm just hoping the author/editor is working on it.

Also, next wednesday, guest author Lily Kleiman will be here discussing her various writing projects. And then two days later on Friday, Oct. 16, I'll be on her blog discussing my various writing projects. Should be cool!

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