Friday, May 14, 2010

Progress, such as it is...

Monday I finally sat down and wrote the opening scene for the novel I've agreed to write. The working title is Metro City, but that's just because I haven't thought of a real title yet. The scene felt good, threads started unraveling and wending their way through my head. I have a lot of elements, but not a clear, defined point A to B to C all the way through plot yet. But it'll come. The only problem is time. I'm going to Paris for two weeks at the end of next week. The first week will be completely exhausting work and the second week will be vacation. I honestly have no idea how much I'll be able to write while I'm there. At least I'll be able to write on the flights back and forth.

Interesting side note, I've found that going down to the gym in the basement of my apt. building represents really good thinking time for the various stories I'm working on. It requires total concentration and clearing my mind of all distractions (so I don't drop a weight on my head), and almost without conscious thought I find new plot elements and scenes playing themselves out in my mind.

Tomorrow is morning karate for my older boy. That means two hours of uninterrupted writing time for me. Yay! So what do I concentrate on? The new novel? Or the Dark InSpectre? Hmmm....

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