Sunday, May 2, 2010

Split Personality Writing and Sub Aggravation

At my older son's karate class yesterday morning I all but finished episode 8 of the new story arc for The Dark InSpectre. I was really getting into it and was fleshing a lot out in my head and salivating over all the wicked, nasty stuff I have in store for Jack Garrett and the Spook Squad. And then I stopped my brain and I said, hey brain, hold on there! You need to be thinking about the plot for the mystery/hard boiled crime novel that your incredibly generous editor asked you to write for her small press house. After it sulked for a bit, my brain acquiesced and started branching out along those lines. I have a decent framework and a very good first scene and main character, so things are still preliminary, but going well.

It does, though, illustrate what I foresee as being my primary dilemma, and that is writing and thinking about two distinct, separate but tonally similar stories at the same time. I think things will get a bit better when I get the nascent novel (I can't believe I just said the "n" word) more fleshed out and actually start writing it, but I predict this is something I'll just have to deal with.

In other news, a market I submitted a story to ( finally admitted that it got overwhelmed by submissions and couldn't handle all of them. It therefore cut its wordcount limit in half, thereby rendering most submissions ineligible, and said anybody who wants to re-submit may do so. Now, I have no problem with a publication re-trenching if it's having problems. What I do find aggravating is if it takes five months to figure this out, tying my story up for that long in the process. So now I have to find another market for my story. Oh well, one more thing to do...

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