Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And My Voice Shall Ring Out to the Heavens

I got my Walmart brand pop filter yesterday (it's an audio-recording thing, I didn't know what it was either until my editor explained it to me), and I did my first good audio recording of the first episode of The Dark InSpector. My editor, crystalwizard, said it was good to go. Now she's going to lay in a soundtrack and send it back to me for my approval. I anticipate this being a surreal experience: A, listening to my own voice talking, and B, having it dramatized with an actual soundtrack.

Then I'll do every existing episode and the new ones as they come out. I know, pretty wild, huh? And here's the real kicker, seems like they'll be featured on the Beam Me Up podcast web site, which would be major exposure. I've got some days off from work coming up during which I plan on getting some real work done on the novel. And you can bet I'll do a big chunk of audio episodes, too (rubbing my hands in anticipation).

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