Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Listen to the Sound of My Voice

I got an email from my editor for The Dark InSpectre asking if I can audio-record an episode for her. Seems that a very popular pod-cast web site for science fiction serials is interested in my series. It would be huge exposure so of course I agreed. I recorded the first episode from Unfinished Business and sent it to her. If she likes how I sound, I'll record the rest of the episodes. If not, then she'll get someone else to do the voice work. Either way is fine with me. It would be funny, though, if I end up doing the recordings, just imagining people out there listening to my voice coming out of their computer :). Apparently, though, effects would be added in to make the episodes even more dramatic. I'm very curious as to how these are going to turn out. I'm imagining back to when I was a kid listening to episodes of King Solomon's Mines on the radio during dinner. Okay, it might not be just like that, but it would still be cool!

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