Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Progress and Podcasting

I'm leaving for the Jersey shore with the family tomorrow to spend the next 5 days at my folks' beach house. My goal the past couple of days was to write another Dark InSpectre episode, finish recording audio episodes of Unfinished Business, and finish chapter one of the new crime novel. I am happy to say I accomplished each of those goals. And this was despite discovering that I lost most of the changes to an upcoming DIS episode that I had completely re-written a month or so ago. OMG was I pissed! So I had to re-write that, too. And this was despite still not feeling that great health-wise. Yeah, I rocked.

AND, the first audio episode of Unfinished Business aired on Beam Me Up a couple days ago. With the music and editing, it sounds totally awesome. My wife's first comment to me after hearing it: "That sounds nothing like you!" :)

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