Friday, January 11, 2013

Story Time!

The January 2013 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly is now out, with my short story Carousel. Here's the link to the kindle version, and here's the link to the hard copy version, both available for purchse.

You can probably guess what the story's about from the title. I got the idea after visiting the carousel near us in Brooklyn by the local zoo and reflecting on the amazing detail of the animals. The rest, well, wrote itself. Here's an excerpt from the opening:
Shoni Williams held her father’s hand, barely paying attention to the giant pigs that moved about like slow behemoths in their pens. She used to enjoy the County Fair that ran for a week each summer.

Rini Marcus, her friend from fifth grade, ran up uttering the words she feared most. “Let’s ride the carousel!”
Her stomach plummeted and her throat went dry. She felt uncomfortable enough just being here, let alone going near the dreaded carousel.

Rini’s eyes were full of expectant joy as Shoni’s father looked down, his voice deep and warm. “Go ahead, Shoni. You kids get in line, I’ll buy the tickets.”

Shoni gulped and pasted on a nervous smile. Inwardly she groaned. None of them understood. But how could she explain?

Intrigued? Go ahead and buy the issue and experience the rest!

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