Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Edits Have Begun

Got edits on chapter 1 last night and went through them today. The editing process is an exercise in controlled terror. You never how what kind of editor you're going to get, someone harsh, someone easy-going. Above all, you want someone invested in your work who's committed to making it better.

That being said, I've had editors who are quite caustic and downright grouchy. Not that they haven't been super good and right on, but, you know, it never hurts to be nice, right?

So it was with some trepidation that I opened my first round of edits in my in box. When I went through them, I was impressed and gratified. Her (I think it's a her, the name is kind of androgynous) edits were very smart and insightful, pointing out fuzzy language and things to be clarified. And you know what? There were even compliments! Like she actually liked what she was reading! I am amazed how some editors have never learned the basic lesson of pointing out good things in addition to the bad.

It makes me that much more excited to work on this. It's a simple rule, right? The carrot and the stick. But as any author knows, we are starved for the slightest appreciation of our work. Especially from the first person outside of my wife who is taking the time to go through my manuscript line by line.

So I'm feeling very grateful to be working with my new editor, and sent her back my revisions pretty quickly, we'll see what she says about it. There was one thing I'm not sure how to address regarding consistent tone of voice. I need to noodle a bit about that one. But everything else I fixed up pretty easily. It's key that she didn't suggest any major plot changes, which would have been more than a little concerning in chapter 1, right?

But even if she does, I like our rapport and the trust we've already built and will address whatever she suggests. I consider this a very good start on the way to getting my first novel published. :)

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