Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanks for Visiting...?

A strange thing has been happening on the Dark InSpectre site. Every once in a while, I get an email saying a new user has registered, and it gives me their email address. I usually get one of these every few weeks, and lately it's been increasing. I checked the admin area of the site, and I counted like 30 registered users. I was a bit amazed.

Who are these people? To make a comment on the site, you have to register, but none of these people have left any comments. A while back, someone registered and started making actual posts on the site like they were me, except the posts were ads in Polish, so he was basically spamming. I was pretty mortified and then my editor (before she dropped out of contact) changed the permissions so normal people registering couldn't actually do that anymore.

But back to the present, who are these people? Are they wanna-be spammers like the first person who tried it? If so, that's pretty depressing that there are 30 people trying to do that. I certainly prefer to believe that these are people who just want to follow my series. But they're awfully silent, whoever they are. I feel like shaking them. Say something!

Maybe this is a routine thing and sites just normally attract people who register. Anybody with insight into this phenomenon feel free to enlighten me. Otherwise I'll just continue to wonder...

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