Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving on several fronts

I finally asked the editor for my soon to be unveiled serialized story if it was okay that I only have edits back on Episode 1. She said not to worry, so long as we stay an episode ahead, it should be fine. So that means that every two weeks (that's how often new episodes will go up) she needs to get me an edited episode and I need to go through the edits and get it clean and back to her prior to upload. I was kind of hoping to get a bunch of episodes out of the way prior to launch, but I guess not. Going through edits doesn't take much time, but it does put a tad bit of pressure on me in that I want to be using any free time for A) finishing up the story I'm currently writing, and B) starting the next story in my serialized world. Oh well.

She also told me she's been unable to come up with an idea for the banner for the web page on which my stories will run. Oh, did I mention that the intro is supposed to go up on Monday? Yeah, I am definitely wondering how that's going to happen.

On the positive side, I have been able to make headway on the story I've been writing. I'd say it's two-thirds written. I'm now getting into the meaty action part where everything is revealed.

And also, on the authors site for Damnation Books, they've put up all the finished digital covers for all the stories and novels, including mine! The art on these is way cool. I can't wait till Sept. 1 when they all come out. Anyway, that's all for now!

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