Friday, July 17, 2009

Slowly but surely

Things are continuing to percolate with my various projects coming out in the next weeks/months. First of all, there's the digital cover (see below) for my short story coming out September 1 via Damnation Books. It's way cool, and I never would have thought of that image. I'm not very good coming up with conceptual art for these things, so I really appreciate the people who do.

And I've settled on a title for my continuing series that will be going up over at Abandoned Towers: The Dark Inspectre. So everything's going good, though it is making me increasingly nervous that I haven't gotten any edits back on any episodes except the first one, and it's supposed to launch Monday, Aug. 3, with new epi's every 2 weeks. I am still refraining from nagging my editor. And hopefully this weekend I will be able to get to that story I have half written. Hope springs eternal!

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