Thursday, July 16, 2009

Title trouble

It's getting closer to when my serialized story is supposed to debut. First Episode is supposed to hit Aug. 3, with episodes every 2 weeks after that, and I've only gotten edits back on Episode 1! So naturally I'm getting a bit anxious and trying to resist the urge to nag my editor (get that hand off that keyboard!).

But something else is causing me mental angst. I've got to come up with an overarching title for the story, which will continue after the current series is complete, so it can't be just related to the story that's going to run in the next few weeks. It's got to tie in to the world I've created, or the main character, that sort of thing. And boy am I having trouble. The overall story is set in a near future where telepathy is possible. The main character is a cop who is not only telepathic, but can communicate with the dead. It's very noir and hard-boiled. My wife is trying to help with a title also, and we're both stumped.

In addition, I'm trying to concentrate with half my brain on a completely different story that I have half written and have been trying to find time to get back to. Progress in any of the above mentioned areas would be good!

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