Monday, July 20, 2009

Six foot two, eyes of blue...

The editor for my soon to be serialized story is currently making up the banner that will run across the top of it on the web page where the story will be published. I have no doubt it will be some kind of cool-looking graphic. But in order to create it, she needed to know about my main character. In particular, what he looks like. I had to describe his facial features, what he wears, etc., in pretty good detail. For some reason I found this incredibly difficult. I'm not really sure why. Maybe I just don't think of my characters except in sort of general characteristics, like "tall" or "red hair." Anyway, I got through it. I'm sure whatever my editor comes up with will be excellent judging by the banners on the other serialized stories over at Abandoned Towers. Oh, almost forgot, came up with an overarching title after batting a few possibilities around with my wife, who was very helpful:

The Dark Inspectre.

I like it!

And, as a bonus this weekend, I was able to work a little on that half written story of mine. Not a lot, but some. Hopefully I'll be able to do more soon. Yay!

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