Thursday, July 2, 2009

Episode 1 Revision

Two days ago I received my first edits for Unfinished Business, which will be going up as a 15-episode serial in August. The edits were for, naturally, Episode 1. So I was very excited to see the email pop up in my in box since that brings home the fact that this is really happening. Which for me is a big deal cuz I've been working on this story for a looooong time, and also cuz I think it's some of the best stuff I've ever written (to camera: I haven't written all that much, so not really saying a whole lot there).

Anyway, it was interesting to see the edits. My editor definitely has her own unique style, and she pointed out some things that I just never would have thought of, particularly with point of view, which gets tricky given the story structure (you'll see when it comes out!).

So I threw in my two cents and sent it on back. And now I'm just waiting to see how it went over...

In the meantime, it's 4th of July weekend, which inevitably means Transformers with the boys. Sigh...well, the first one was pretty good, how bad can the second one be...? I'll let you know!


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