Sunday, July 26, 2009

Soon it will begin

This weekend, my editor and I have been going back and forth with comments as she's developing the graphic banner that will run above my story that will be serialized over the next several months.

As of an hour ago, it's done. So any earlier doubts as to this happening by Monday were completely unfounded! She did an amazing job and it looks totally cool. I am waiting for one last answer to a question I have for her, and then I will post the intro stuff and start sending the link to everyone on the planet! (Que crazed laughter)

It's a moment I have been steeling myself for for quite some time. No one dislikes attention seeking behavior more than me, so the idea of inviting loads of people that either I know extremely well or are merely acquaintances to read my story makes me cringe and leaves me somewhat embarrased. Nevertheless, I understand that I must take an active role in promoting my work, that I am to some extent, as a writer, in a line of work that screams "hey, look at me!" I should view this occasion as a welcome reward for all the rejections that are a routine part of a writer's life. Therefore, that is what I will say to myself every time I hit the "send" button on all the emails that will shortly be issuing from my computer.

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